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Speaker: Bill Smiles

An Email Interview with Don Carley about Cattleya Culture

Confession of a Disa Killer
A Visit to the Northeast Regional Judging Center
Indoor control of orchid mealy bug by imidocloprid (Merit®, Marathon®)
Telipogons – The Impossible Made Possible
So You Want to Make Babies…Orchid Babies That Is
Masdevallia’s on the Oregon Coast: A pictorial guide to culture by Dale Borders
Orchid Fever-A Dazzling Collection Donated to Brooklyn Botanical Garden
Cynoches, The Swan Orchids
Dracula chesteronii

Want to grow better orchids?  When I joined the NJOS, the book that was most recommended to me as a beginner was Ortho’s All About Orchids by Marilyn Rogers and Elvin McDonald.

If you don’t already have a copy (or if you loaned it out to someone and didn’t get it back), you can purchase a new copy from by clicking here.