2016 September Auction

Our annual auction is Thursday September 8. Join us at the Hanover Manor. Members and non-Members are welcome! Bring your friends!

The Auction will start at 7:45 PM; and bring your checkbook or cash as credit cards are not accepted.

We will have our regular auction and a silent auction during the social and dinner hours. Once the live auction starts, the silent auction is over. So write in your bid.

2016-06 Prelim Auction List (two page list with name only)
2016-08 NJOS Prelim Auction Items (Slides with pictures and cultural information, 4 to a page)

As always, these lists are subject to change.

Your support and participation in our auction raises funds for outstanding speakers program, our Holiday Party and our shows.Happiness is

 Orchid Auction list is preliminary and subject to change