Sales at Monthly Meetings

Adopted October 2013

This policy establishes rules and procedures for sales at the monthly meetings of the North
Jersey Orchid Society (NJOS). NJOS welcomes vendors to sell orchids, plants, supplies, and other orchid-related goods and has set the following rules and procedures for consistent and efficient operation of our meetings and for efficient service by employees of Hanover Manor.

For the purpose of this policy, “vendor” shall mean any person selling goods and includes
commercial growers and hobby growers, and includes speakers that we invite to give

Vendor must be a member of the society in good standing. Speakers are exempt from this

Vendor must reserve sales table with the Vice President no more than three months in advance of the meeting. Each vendor is limited to one sales table, whereas speakers may have up to two tables.

There shall be no more than three vendors total at any particular meeting (i.e., two vendors plus a speaker, unless the speaker declines to sell in which case there can be three vendors).
Vendor must set up sales table no later than 6:30 pm. Any vendor arriving after 6:30 will forfeit and will not be permitted to set up or sell as it would be too disruptive.

Any vendor who does not show up on the reserved night may be barred from selling for up to six months at the discretion of the Vice President.

Vice President shall have sole authority to enforce this policy and refuse any vendor to set up or sell.

There shall be no sales when special events are scheduled such as Holiday party, auctions, and potting party.

Each vendor must donate one plant or orchid towards the raffle each time he/she comes to sell. The plant or orchid must be well established, free of pests and diseases and in healthy condition, and must have a label identifying the plant or orchid.

VENDOR is also solely responsible for collecting, reporting and remitting New Jersey sales tax resulting from sales activities.

Vendor is responsible for resolving any disputes or problems pertaining to their sales.

Neither NJOS and its volunteers nor Hanover Manor and its employees is responsible for theft or damage of vendor’s goods or property.