Leslie Stern

Leslie Stern had been a president of the North Jersey Orchid Society, President of the Eastern Orchid Congress, and the chairman of the 33rd EOC, this having been hosted in 1988 by NJOS. For this event, he worked diligently to provide the affair with an amazing lineup of speakers, all luminaries of the orchid world. They included the Hon. Alasdair Morrison from the UK and Dr. Sid Cywes and Mrs. Marlene Cywes from South Africa, exceptional growers of Disas. This was the first time that Dr. and Mrs. Cywes had been speakers outside of their own country. Leslie Stern owned Lionstar Orchids, greenhouses in Morristown, NJ. He was the recipient of numerous AOS awards for his orchids. He also served on the Membership Committee of the AOS. Every summer, this generous man opened his house and grounds with swimming pool to NJOS for the picnic/auctions.